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We Sell Silent Disco Equipment Too!

We are the only licenced importer and supplier of Silent Disco equipment in New Zealand, you can rest assured our equipment is compliant with New Zealand regulations and won’t cause interference to licensed radio services.

You can buy domestic and commercial grade silent disco equipment individually or in packages at the following prices:

Our domestic wireless headphone equipment features up to 3 channels of audio and are suitable for use around private homes or small venues within a distance of approximately 150 metres (maximum) from the transmitters. The headphones are rechargeable but transmitters require a standard 240 volt power supply.

Wireless Headphone and Transmitters Prices from…

$59.95 per headphone
$199.95 per transmitter
$49.95 per charger

A silent disco headphone charger charges 16 headphones at a time

Silent Disco Family Pack $489.70 NZD 
4 headphones, 1 Transmitter, 1 headphone charger

Silent Disco Friends Pack $1658.95 NZD 
16 headphones, 3 Transmitters, 1 headphone charger

Silent Disco Party Pack $2618.15 NZD
32 headphones, 3 Transmitters, 2 headphone chargers

All prices include GST.

Commercial Silent Disco

Our commercial wireless headphone equipment features up to 4 channels of audio and can be used up to 200 metres (maximum) from the transmitters. Both headphones and transmitters can operate from internal rechargeable batteries. Our commercial headphones can also be personalised with your own logo/branding.

Our commercial headphones and powerful transmitters come in different models suitable for different applications including bars/clubs, conferences, movies, sports, multilingual events, etc.

We will tailor a commercial package for you, for the latest prices and enquiries please contact us, we would love to help you. You can email or call 0800 669 008.

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