Wedding Silent Disco

There’s a new trend in town and it’s here to turn your wedding reception on its head. Instead of your guests all listening to the same song over an amplified sound system, each wedding guest can be wearing special light-up silent disco headphones tuned into any one of four music channels, picking the song that appeals to them most at that particular moment.

If your wedding reception venue is outdoors or has noise restrictions, a wedding Silent Disco hire lets you keep the party going without getting into trouble with noise control or those pesky neighbours. You can kick-off your wedding Silent Disco from the first dance or start the Silent Disco once noise control restrictions have started.

Depending on which channel they choose, guests are either hearing a live mix from your DJ (or multiple DJs!) or a pre-mixed playlist that can be played from any phone, tablet, laptop, or anything else with an audio-out jack. As you switch channels, the colour on your headphones changes so you can see what everyone around you is listening to. If you don’t like a song and if guests nearby seem like they’re having a blast, you can tune in and join them.

Each channel can feature any genre of music. You can be busting your moves to 80’s throwbacks, breaking into R&B, or twisting & shouting with your gran. Best of all there’s no loud noise so everyone is free to catch-up and talk easily without having to yell over the music. If children are attending your wedding, then you can create a dedicated kids music channel or connect a transmitter to a TV screen and let them watch a movie from the kids’ corner.

A Wedding Silent Disco is also quick and easy to set-up, since there are no bulky speakers to carry around and install. And as long as your wedding guests are within 300 metres of the DJ source, you can have a Wedding Silent Disco with just a few guests or hundreds. All you’ll need is your regular DJ, or a few people to set up the transmitters and headphones, distribute the headphones during the party, and re-pack the gear when it’s all over.

How A Silent Disco Works

A Silent Disco (or headphone party) is when music is transmitted through special light-up wireless headphones rather than played over an amplified loudspeaker system. Coloured LED lights pulse to the music and change colour so you know which channel your friends and family are listening to.

The setup is as simple as plugging in your own phone, tablet, laptop, iPod, CD Player, or anything else with an audio-out jack. For an additional fee we can also provide music players packed with the greatest anthems – or request your own personalised playlists.

We deliver all the gear you’ll need well in advance with Free nationwide delivery! Simply plug and play by connecting our transmitter to any audio source. After the party you pack the kit away, and our courier will collect it again.

It’s not only fun to be a part of, but intriguing to watch and listen to everyone as they dance and sing together. It’s a unique experience your guests haven’t seen a hundred times before, and is interactive, exciting, and totally memorable!

Our wedding silent disco packages include these great features, contact us today to create your own package or to find more about our silent disco wedding options.

Wedding Silent Disco Hire Packages –

2 day hire package
60, 80, 100+ wireless headphones and 4 Transmitters (additional headphones & transmitters available for larger weddings)
We’ll liaise with your DJ on the technical set-up and/or provide you with the best recommended playlists
Door-to-door delivery to your DJ, best contact, or wedding venue and courier collection the next business day
Easy to follow setup instructions for instant plug and play sound

Optional –

Additional Headphones
Additional Audio Transmitters
Music player(s) loaded with all the best party music – or request a personalised playlist
Disco Star Ball Light (lights up the room with multi colour patterns for heavenly dance floors)
Option to add Glow in the Dark gear party bags for an extra cost!

Our Free Wedding Spotify Playlists –

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