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Almost every major music festival in the world seems to have a stage or tent dedicated to silent partying. Silent parties enable guests to keep dancing past noise control restrictions and explore a smorgasbord of sound waves across every genre. Silent parties are perfect for catering to different age groups and music tastes. Working with our audio visual partners throughout New Zealand, the SilentDisco.NZ team can take care of the entire production process.

When it comes to the type of entertainment you can have on the headphone system, the sky’s the limit! Basically anything that can be amplified can be fed through the headphone channels, including sound from live DJ’s, video screens, and even full bands. Having two or more DJ’s live battling for audience attention is the ultimate buzz. With this setup, each DJ plays during the same time slot and specialises in a different genre, theme, or decade of music.

For outdoor festivals and events a large marquee, stretch tent or canopy is generally required. To produce an immersive environment SilentDisco.NZ recommends using a selection of uplights, LED moving heads, and projections to set the mood. From bumping nightclub environments, to chill-out themed tents – the possibilities are endless.

Whether we provide you with a DIY dry hire, wet hire, or turnkey solution we will work directly with your events team or preferred suppliers to create an immersive experience that everyone will go crazy for. We can help with everything from how to connect the DJ mixers, the best lighting set-ups and headphone management systems – so people don’t try to take the headphones home with them.

Our wireless headphones are designed for any age with adjustable headband and volume controls, with the flick of a switch each person can tune into any of the available audio channels. Coloured LED lights pulse to the music and change colour so participants know which channel their mates are listening to.

All headphones are supplied fully charged so you won’t need to recharge the headphone batteries unless your event is longer than 6-8 hours. Our state-of-the-art broadcast system supports up to four channels of simultaneous audio that can be transmitted through walls, floors and ceilings. 

How it works

A Silent Disco (or headphone party) is when music is transmitted through special light-up wireless headphones rather than played over an amplified loudspeaker system. Coloured LED lights pulse to the music and change colour so you know which channel your friends are listening to.

The setup is as simple as plugging in your own phone, tablet, laptop, iPod, CD Player, or anything else with an audio-out jack. For an additional fee we can also provide music players packed with the greatest anthems – or request your own personalised playlists.

We deliver all the gear you’ll need well in advance with Free nationwide delivery! Simply plug and play by connecting our transmitter to any audio source. After the party you pack the kit away, and our courier will collect it again.

It’s not only fun to be a part of, but intriguing to watch and listen to everyone as they dance and sing together. It’s a unique experience your guests haven’t seen a hundred times before, and is interactive, exciting, and totally memorable!

Contact us today to create your own package or to find more about our New Zealand music festival silent event options.

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