Silent Disco Playlists

Listen to our Free Silent Disco Playlists on Spotify

When it comes to the type of entertainment you can have on our headphone system, the sky’s the limit! Basically anything that can be amplified can be fed through the headphone channels including sound from live DJ’s, video screens, and even full bands.

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor backyard party, our state-of-the-art wireless headphone technology supports up to 4 channels of simultaneous audio and will transmit the signal up to 300 metres through walls, floors and ceilings.

You can totally get away without having a live DJ, simply play music off a playlist from your phone, tablet or laptop or let us supply you with a personalised playlist from one of our music players.

We recommend assigning each channel a different theme, genre or decade of music. The bests songs to play are the songs that everybody at the party knows. Our Silent Disco playlists are curated by professional DJ’s and available for free from our Spotify channel.

Here’s an example of what playlists you might have at your wedding.

Wedding Silent Disco Playlists
Channel 1: (Green) : Wedding Bangers
Channel 2: (Red) : Dance Club Hits 2019
Channel 3: (Blue) : Rock Classics
Channel 4: (Yellow) : Kids Party Hits

Play Our Free Silent Disco Spotify Playlists

Listen to our Free Silent Disco Playlists on Spotify

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